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Mexican Ham Sandwich (Torta de Jamon)

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Torta de jamon

If you have ever been to Mexico, you’ve probably noticed that there is a torta place in almost every corner; they are as popular as tacos, not to mention easy and yummy to make! Whenever I have bread and avocadoes in the house, a torta for lunch is a no-brainer. The ingredients are flexible: you can add beef or chicken or even make it vegetarian! Just replace the meat with lots of avocado. As you can tell from my recipes, you can never go wrong with too much avocado!!

Ham Sandwich 1

The basic ingredients for a torta are bread (usually I get the torta bread from Costco, but any sourdough bread will work or, barring that, a French baguette will work as well).
Ham Sandwich 2

You will need:

  • Ham
  • ¼  to ½ avocado (as much as you like)
  • One tomato, 4 slices per torta
  • 2 onion slices
  • Mayonnaise to taste
  • Some pickled jalapeños (or fresh, if that’s what you have)

Ham Sandwich 3

Again, you can make it into the vegetarian version by adding up to a whole avocado and it will taste delicious as well. Make it using the ingredients and amounts that you like!

Ham Sandwich 4

I like my torta bread warm, so I cut it in half and let it warm in a pan, but if your bread is thin enough a toaster will work, too. While the bread is toasting, cut and prepare tomato, avocado, and onion.

Once the bread is warm, spread the mayonnaise on the bread and add the tomatoes and the two slices of onion to one side and place the avocado on the other side.  Add the ham and jalapeños and cut in in half to make it easier to eat. Enjoy!


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